Duties of the Secretariat


  1. The University council
  2. The administrative council
  3. The conference of administrative directors
  4. The conference of academic directors
  5. The committee for University Administration Fund
  6. The committee for monitoring the budget
  7. The committee for proposal reviewing project proposal
  8. Any urgent or unscheduled meeting
  9. The drafting of the by-laws of the above councils

Processing Official Documents

  1. Handles the president’s confidential documents and telecommunications
  2. Reviews and responds to important documents from various units of the University
  3. General processing of documents from various units of the University

General Affairs

  1. Planning and implementing important University resolutions
  2. Tasks assigned by the president
  3. Processing important plans and resolutions submitted by various units of the University
  4. Recording important events of the University
  5. Collecting and compiling materials related to the history of the University
  6. Handling common documents
  7. Filing and classifying common documents
  8. Handling the routine works

Use of the Seals of the University

  1. Use of the seals of certificates
  2. Use of the seals of contracts
  3. Use of the seals of application forms
  4. Use of the seals of tender documents

Public Relations

  1. Preparing announcements for news conferences
  2. Contacting and coordinating the media
  3. Reception of foreign guests and visitors


  1. Promoting and coordinating office automations
  2. Coordinating various units in dealing with administrative business